“Because here the silent have a voice, here those who screamed their throats raw find someone to listen to their whispers, here the people shunted outside of what was deemed “normal” and “acceptable” learn that there are new normals and that the only one who gets to dictate what is acceptable for them is themselves. Here is a place of quiet resistance, of an unspoken promise to continue to BE – “They will never take us alive. We will win. We will.”
“But to do that, we must keep fighting.””

The Outcast Post is the platform for the writing of the Outcast from Trump’s regime, from the FB group The Outcast Army (TOA). The Outcast Army is designed to be an intersectional group for being able to express anger or other emotions in relation to the recent election for the people who are actually suffering under the regime (The Outcast), along with providing tips for activism and a place for solidarity and discussion. It’s solely for the Outcast, not allies, as it’s a necessary safe space to exist for us.

I took the name from the song God Help the Outcasts, but here, we’re helping ourselves, as it feels like no one else will.

Alone we might not be all that much but together we can be a force to be reckoned with. Join so we can fight as one.


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